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School History

During a visit to York Minster Years 5 and 6 were fascinated to learn that Skirlaugh has a very strong connection with York Minster Cathedral. Walter de Skirlaw commissioned the Great East window of the Cathedral and his crest is included within the stain glass window. The Great East window is one of the largest areas of medieval stained glass in the world; its measurements are close to those of a tennis court. The window was built by glazier John Thornton between 1405-08 and cost £58.

It is believed that he hoped his generosity would help him become the archbishop of York; however he did not benefit and remained Bishop of Durham. (1388-1406).

We were a little disappointed to find that the window had been removed to be cleaned and restored at a cost of £10.5 million pounds. This project will take 10 years to complete.

The shield with the crest is displayed high in the ceiling of the Minster and our children were very proud to be wearing their sweatshirts displaying the schools connection with such an historical building.